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Do we have the same problem regarding this on your browser which auto redirect you to that site?

Then if yes then you are in the right article. I`ll teach you how to remove that V9. They said that it is a Malware or virus or what they call it but one thing I know, It is not right if you don`t know some programs on your PC specially you don`t install it.

Now have you already tired to go to “SETTINGS”-change the “Show Home button” to the portal you want to go? and at the end noting happened?

Again, If I`m correct follow this steps.
1. go to your desktop or where your browser shortcut is located.
2. right click it – “properties”
3. change the target program.
(you will see similar to this “”C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe”″)

*change the “” to your desire portal (EX.

4. Click “OK”
5. Open browser. (at this point v9 should be remove)

Now that annoying thing is solve. 🙂
Some Search results saying that install this install that. it is know true guys, instead it is true then this is the simplest or even the safest way believe me guys.

If you still have some problem regarding this just comment on this article. and if you find this helpful click like or you can follow me 🙂


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